Air Mass Monitoring and Classification


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NEW Perspectives on Synoptic Classification

Detecting Synoptic Warming Trends across US Midwest

Heat in the Heartland

The SSC: a Decade of Climate–Health Research

Initial Spatial Synoptic Classification Development

A New Spatial Synoptic Classification (SSC)

Cooling Our Cities: Reducing the Heat-Health Problem


NEW Potential Impact of Cool Roof Technologies in Boston and Chicago

NEW Heat Exposure Reduction Implementing Heat Mitigation Strategies in L.A.

NEW Climate Resilience through Cooling in Los Angeles: LAUCC Final Report

NEW LAUCC Infographic

Cool Cities Solutions Research at the Synoptic Climatology Lab

Improving Heat/Health Outcomes with Science-Based Policy

Heat Island Reduction Strategies in the District of Columbia

Global Cool Cities Alliance: Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative

Cool Roof Rating Council Presentation: Heat Mitigation Using Reflective Products​
Can cities keep their cool?



Climate Change Research


NEW UM Special Report: Impact of Climate on Health

SCIPP Southern Climate Monitor

Climate Change and Heat Deaths: Newest Estimates

NRDC: Killer Summer Heat

Heat Vulnerability in California: Projecting Heat Events

Heat Vulnerability in California: Future Heat-Related Mortality

Climate change and Chicago


Ongoing Climate and Health Research

NEW Heat and mortality in Los Angeles during Winter

NEW Recent Trends in Heat Related Mortality in the US

Improving Heat/Health Outcomes with Science-Based Policy

Weather and Air Pollution in Canadian Cities

Progress in Reducing Heat Related Mortality in the U.S.

Recent Trends in Heat-Related Mortality

Analog European Heat Waves For U.S. Cities To Analyze Heat-Related Mortality

Heat and Mortality Demographic Sensitivities in Los Angeles

Separating the Impacts of Weather & Pollution on Health

Heat Stress Index - A New Relative Climatological Index

Weather Trends International Partnerships

EPA Heat Guidebook, Co-Developed by our Lab

Heat Health Warning Systems (HHWS)


WMO Guidance on Heat Warning Systems: Our Lab’s Contributions

Development of Heat/Health Systems

Evaluating the Perceived Risk of Heat by the Public

Heat Watch-Warning Systems: Benefits

Operational Aspects of the Shanghai System

Italian National System: Implementation and Results from Summer, 2003

New Korean Heat/Health System

How our heat/health warning systems operate

Bioclimatological Research: Plants, Animals, Humans and Disease

NEW CANL Becomes Operational for the National Weather Service

The Notion of Applied Biometeorology

Interpretation of Gypsy Moth Frontal Advance

Meteorological Influences on the Dispersion of Pine Blister Rust

Synoptic Evaluation of Dispersal of White Pine Blister Rust

The New Cold Advisory for Newborn Livestock Factsheet (CANL)

International Projects


NEW Effects of heat waves on 14 Korean cities using synoptic approach

WMO Assessment of Weather Mortality Extremes

Analog European heat waves for Korean cities to analyze heat/mortality

NEW Cold Spell Mortality in Korean Cities

Collaboration with Korea Meteorological Administration:  Heat/health system for Seoul and winter mortality

Climate change impacts on mortality in Korean cities

Heat and Health Issues in the Russian Far East: Joint Russian/US Collaboration

Urban Heat Island and Human Health in Shanghai

International Society of Biometeorology

NEW International Society of Biometeorology:  Climate and Health Commission